Our Steps So Far

To this day, the ACAA has attended several strategic international events where it expressed its goals and called for more stakeholders to engage in the joint effort. These are some of the events where the Alliance was present: COP24 Poland and COP25 Chile (Madrid), Climate Summits, among others.

In addition, during 2020:

We contributed to updating the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) for Argentina in 2020 based on the “Guidelines”, a document containing the proposals required to reach a new kind of development leading to the transformation of the sectors that contribute most to climate change.

The consensus achieved among most of the signatories is a milestone for our organization. We completed studies about Agriculture and Livestock Farming related to climate change, led by CREA (Regional Agricultural Experimentation Consortiums), which will allow for a clear action strategy for the sector.

With a very strong participation of RAMCC (Argentine Network of Municipalities Against Climate Change), we have developed mitigation and adaptation plans for 20 municipalities and improvements in the way of quantifying their inventories.

Together with Fundación Nueva Generación Argentina, events were held in 4 departments in the Province of Santa Fe to catalyze the progress of renewable energies in that place.

The company node organized and held a successful webinar, with 170 participants, about solid contributions by the private sector in response to the climate crisis. The first version of ACAA Baseline was completed, identifying climate actions implemented by the members.